Atv Mud Tires Are A Must-Have For Work Or Play

A Must For Muddy Trails

TIRE GUYThe showroom-provided rubber on most quads gives average traction and handling. Basically, they give you tires that are a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none. If you’re going to encounter demanding muddy trails, you will need ATV-mud-tires to get you through them.

By changing your tires, you will increase the performance of your ATV in the mud and it is relatively cheap to do. Why not have some fun and head to the swamps with a new set of mud tires?

Mud tires are typically balloon-like in appearance compared to some of the flatter hard trail and race tires. Most dealers are starting to stock them because of the demand and manufacturers offer a growing selection of types. Prices can vary between $50 - $200 depending on your needs.

Heading Into The Mud

If you’re heading into the mud, your tires need to be the right ones. Mud tires have deep lugs, angling from the centre of the tire to the sides. Expect them to look aggressive, too. Mud tires really look the way you’d expect mud tires to look --built to get through the toughest challenge.

If you need a smooth ride on hard trails then forget it, these tires are mud specific. You can get combination trail and mud tires but they won’t be as good at getting you out of the bog --but that is up to you to decide.

Generally, mud tires are good in all terrain except on hard trails. If you need to do a combination of surfaces look for a good tire that does both jobs --perhaps a mid-range mud tire.

Mud tires have aggressive looking, tall tread patterns to get through thick boggy mud. There are large gaps between the high treads so that mud won’t lodge between them; because once your tread fills with sticky mud they may as well be bald. The more your mud tires spin in the bog the more they self-clean and throw the mud out.

You can also use atv-mud-tires in the snow, most of the aggressive tires are categorized for both mud and snow. This makes sense because if you are travelling snow trails in winter a lot of those trails could become creeks and bogs in summer.


Unfortunately, mud tires have some disadvantages. The first is that they are fast wearing if used on hard trails. Surfaces like sealed roads, concrete and the like will wear them extremely fast. Then, of course, there is the fact that they just do not perform as well on hard trails and can be uncomfortable as well as noisy when travelling.

Another disadvantage is the lack of stability on sloped surfaces if side-hilling. If you do travel sloped conditions and have to side-hill, mud tires are not the best option.

No matter what your intentions are for your four-wheeler there’s a tire for the application. The performance gains are big when you have the right rubber, so make sure you use a dealer that knows what they’re talking about.

Know what you‘re talking about, too. Don’t just leave it up to the dealer -- doing a little research before you buy your atv-mud-tires gives you the benefit of an informed decision.


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