Are these tires compatible?

Are these tires compatible?

by Ron

I bought a Volvo S60 2004 and need winter tires and rims. They're similar in size and I know 16s are an option for the Volvo, so I'm wondering, would my old Intrepid winter tires and rims be okay to use on the Volvo? The size is 225 60R 16.

Editoria Comment:

What you need to do in the first place is compare the overall size of the 225/60 r16 tires with the tires you're now using. My rule of thumb is that if the difference in total diameter is within 2% (larger or smaller) of the original there is not much to worry about.

If the width of the tire is only 10 mm (that's the first number in the size) different from your original then it is unlikely that you would have any issues in clearance from turning, but you may need to do a trial test to be sure.

The final issue is the bolt pattern and centre hole size in the wheels. This is very often quite similar and may be difficult to see by simply looking at them because they vary only by 1 or 2 mm but that difference is enough to cause problems. If this is the case, you may need to get adaptors or change wheels in order to use the tires.


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by: Anonymous

As an update, my Intrepid mags didn't work, after all. The lug holes didn't line up. The tires themselves are fine, though!

by: Ron

Sounds good! Thanks! They are 10mm less than what I'm running on now, so clearance shouldn't be a problem. I'll test them, as you recommend, to be sure everything else lines up properly.

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