are oversized tires safe?

are oversized tires safe?

by Kevin
(Titusville,Pa. U.S.A.)

I have a 2002 Grand Caravan with a tire size of 215/70R15 on it. Is it safe to run 235/70R15 on the front and 255/70R15 on the back? there's an enormous amount of room on the back,but wasn't sure how much over was safe.

I used to run 2 sizes over(front and rear) on my Monte Carlo and it did great. In fact,it got better mileage with the bigger tires!

Also,how come BF Goodrich can make tires that wear 3x as long as anyone else?

Editorial Comment:

In theory there's no limit on the difference in sizes that you can use on any vehicle. As long as there is space in the wheel well to accomodate larger tires this is not an issue.

You should be aware that changing tire sizes affects not only the gas mileage but also the power transfer and the speedometer reading. While you are enjoying greater mileage, your speedometer is showing that you are travelling slower than you really are.

Regarding how Goodrich can make tires that last 3 times longer it is not likely that they do. A number of things affect how long a tire will last. The most important being maintaining the correct tire pressure. The type of rubber compound does have an effect, but softer rubber, such as that used in a high performance tire will typically have about the same life expectancy no matter the brand of tire.

If you start comparing a HP tire with a standard all season tire then you may start to see drastic differences in tire life ... but you are really comparing apples with oranges.


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