America's Tire Company

America's Tire Company, Discount Tire Company and Discount Tire Direct Part 1

Searching through the myriad of tire companies you might find America's Tire Company, Discount Tire Company and Discount Tire Direct. It may surprise some readers, but they are in fact different extensions of the same organization.

America's Tire Co. is well known in areas of California, Oregon and Washington with the rest of North America being acquainted with it's other label, Discount Tire Company.

America's Tire Company

It's no conspiracy, the two names is purely a result of a issue over the use of business names in some states. Regardless of which label you deal with, you should be getting the same service, same policies and same standards. Prices may vary from location to location. The organization's website,, can assist customers with prices at their numerous locations around America.

The third entity, Discount Tire Direct, is the mail order division of the same organization and a dedicated article for this service is available when you click on this link to Discount Tire Direct.

The Discount Tire/America's Tire organization has around 700 stores in 20 states across America and claims in its website to be the world's largest independent tire and wheel retailer. The company also claims to have served over 40 million customers and employs more than 10,000 people.

Not bad at all if you read on and think about where it all started back in 1960.

From Modest Beginnings

The company founder, Bruce T. Halle, has a great story that should warm the hearts of anyone who has ever run a business. He started out small when he rented a humble storefront with an inventory of just 6 tires. Another catch was the lack of an air compressor to inflate any tires he sold, that's a pretty important requirement when selling tires so he used to run to a nearby gas station to fill each tire with air.

It was a one man operation in the early days, Bruce T. Halle had to do everything himself. You can just imagine he would have had his doubters and plenty of tough times to generate his own doubts, but he came through. I have to wonder if the owner of the gas station around the corner got any share options for all that air Bruce borrowed.

Recognition and Moments of Marketing Genius

A lot of people know the Discount Tire/ America's Tire from its award winning advertisement where a little old lady throws a tire through the store window. If you haven't seen it, here it is:

This commercial went on to win the International Broadcasting Award in 1997. Many say it's the world's longest running commercial as it's still aired.

The Arizonian, the Roadhugger and Hot Wheels

Discount Tire's exclusive brands, the Arizonian and Roadhugger, are sold in its stores alongside big name brands such as Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone and the company is a big seller of wheels like Enkei, Konig, Weld Racing and even exclusive brand Hot Wheels.

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