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This article is primarily of interest to people in the tire or auto service business and who may be contemplating purchasing equipment from a company called Allstate's of America, Inc. (that's right they have an apostophe in their name), or on the internet

allstates metzlerRather than embellish the story and vent my indignation over the treatment I received from the company's owner, Robert (Bob) Metzler. I'll do what the old-time dectective Joe Friday used to ask for and give you "Just the Facts!"

Just the Facts, Mamm!

I first contacted Allstates in March 2008 after seeing some automotive equipment on his website that we were interested in purchasing.  First I sent an email, and had several phone conversations, prior to reaching an agreement about making a purchase.

Parts from my first email and his reply are reproduced below (Highlighting has been added.): email

The Reply, on the same date: email

And a further confirmation on April 1st email

In the course of the negotiations we spoke on the telephone several times, to clarify what equipment was available, prices, shipping arrangements, and payment arrangements. The following formal quote was provided: quote

We finally settled on the purchase of 4 machines and placed an order around the 1st of July, with my understanding that everything would be shipped within 3 to 4 days.

This is when the fun began.  I had asked Mr. Metzler to send me an email to confirm that payment had been received and confirm when everything would be shipped.  When I still had received nothing I phoned him on July 7th and he told me that payment had been received but that there would be a few days delay in shipping.

Until he had our money in his account, he was most responsive, and seemed eager to please in every way.  As soon as he had our deposit even sending an email seemed to be a chore for him, it became difficult to reach him by telephone, and on one occasion when I had called to ask about delays in shipping he put me on hold and just forgot about me.

I phoned several times during the month asking about shipping and was always provided with a lame excuse without any specific shipping date. "3 to 4 days" stretched into over a month and finally the machines were shipped on the 12th of August! shipping booking

The end of September!

Well after a long delay and some problems we experienced in the processing of the import documents and the shipment of the goods from the seaport, they arrived almost at the end of September!

 I personally supervised the unpacking of the equipment and saw no evidence that anything had been removed during transit and one occasion of minor damage which I decided not to report, but which was noted on the driver's receipt.

Problems and deficiencies

  • We discovered that the Alignment System had no Spanish software,
  • would not operate on 220 volts, and printer power
  • was not updated to the year 2007.
  • The sensors were uncalibrated and required calibration. 
  • The Chilean representative of the Hunter Company tells us that this model cannot operate in Spanish without a special adaptor which is no longer available.  
  • The balancer blew out when it was attached to 220 volts, and
  • may have a damaged spindle (we are awaiting the revision of a technician.)
  • The lift system was missing 165 parts,
  • the oil reservoir was rusted and had a leak which we repaired, and
  • we had some replacement parts fabricated locally to make the lift operative.
  • No manuals were with the shipment.

No solutions provided

When Mr. Metzler was informed of the first of the discoveries we made, he only asked for details of the missing parts and asked what happened when we plugged in the balancer.  He replied by email that we would have to get a local technician to repair the balancer and that he would help "in any way he could".

When I asked him to be more specific in the way he was prepared to help, he never responded and has not communicated with us since.

We have made attempts to reach a mediated solution through the South Florida Better Business Bureau, who rate this company with their lowest possible rating of "F"  bbb rating

Also we have been unsuccessful in attempts to reach a mediated solution through the State of Florida's Consumer Services section of the Department of Agrigulture and the Dade County's department of Consumer Mediation and other agencies.

There are other reports of problems of this company on various internet locations, where you'll see things like: complaint

This is one of the kinder reports, I've seen.  Other's have been much more agressive in their descriptions of their dissatisfaction of their dealings with Allstate's and Mr. Metzler.

Conclusion and Warning

It's your choice.  Some people thrive on problems and difficulties. If this is the kind of adventure you enjoy, I'd think that you might find a challenge to test your mettle in dealing here.  If you're looking for good service and excellent value you're likely to do better spending your time looking elsewhere.

If you've had some dealings with this company and wish to share your experience with us please feel welcome to Contact Us.

If you have a different experience and you'd like a place to rant about it please feel welcome to use our Tire Experiences Rants which has been set up especially for this purpose.

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