Why Choose All Terrain Tires?

All-terrain-tires (ATTs) are the most commonly used tire in the ATV market. They are exactly what they sound like --a multipurpose tire that can do everything in moderation....

The most commonly used tire in the ATV market

The term all-terrain vehicle covers a broad range of four-wheelers from golf carts to racing quads and can cover vehicles with four and three wheels, handlebars and steering wheels.

The ATV concept

The ATV concept originally came about because of the rising need for a vehicle suitable for snow travel. The very first ATV was a prototype with six wheels. During the 1960s similar off-road vehicles were offered -- they were designed to float on water, cross swamps, ponds and streams as well as dry land.

These days, ATVs are made for a variety of surfaces. Wheel and tire designs have been created for various types of terrain, but you won't be floating on water or digging your way through severe bogs with All-terrain-tires (ATTs). Most tires allow ATVs to operate over a majority of surface types, but some are specialty mud/snow or race. It can make tire selection a very subjective matter -- some say, 'If it can't travel all terrains, it's not really an all terrain vehicle.'

All-terrain-tires are a compromise for use on a variety of surfaces, giving you a smooth ride and a long life span in the process.  You will get longer use from them as opposed to using a mud tire, which will wear very fast when used away from the bog.

If you have ATTs on your quad or four-wheeler, make sure that the people using that machine know the capabilities and limitations of those fitted wheels.

ATTs may be a jack-of-all tire, but they are a master of none, so the quad driver should not go heading off to the swamp or a romp in deep snow.

Knowing the tire's limitations will enhance the results for you. ATTs are designed to do a little bit of everything. They are best for dry ranches, farms and applications in workplaces where moderate conditions are normal for day-to-day operation. Those are good examples of conditions where ATTs will give you the most bang for your buck.

A compromise

All terrain ATV tires are a compromise between specialty mud/snow, sand and race tires. They have good manners on most surfaces, but be honest with yourself.  Do you intend to drive over mud, rocks, sand, snow or ice? What will be the worst conditions you will come across and how often will this occur?

With so many variations of tires available, it can be hard to select the best tire for your four-wheeler. Talk to your dealer about the sort of surfaces you will be encountering and read up a little yourself. That way you will be well on your way to making the best selection for your quad.


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