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This will give you an idea of what Tire-Information-World.com is, and who is behind it.

Let's start with Tireguy.

tire guy

You see quite a bit of this character on this web site. Who is he, why does he exist and what does this mean to you?

Tireguy is a composite character, created by me, Jack Feka, the person who started Tire-Information-World. Tireguy, or TG for short, represents all the knowledge and experience of everyone who has collaborated to produce what you see and read here on the website.

This is no way an effort to sidestep or hide from any responsibility. I am responsible for everything Tireguy is, because I oversee and approve everything that happens on this website, even though it may not have come directly from my hands, or mouth. So, in order to make your visit here as uncomplicated as possible, I invented TG, to be the "personality" of this website, sort of like the anchor-man in your favorite news program.aboutme

If you're really interested in what I look like, here's my face.  It may not be one which is likely to be nominated for any Oscars, but it's the only one I've got, and -- to be perfectly honest -- I'm a bit attached to it.

Tire Background

My background in tires:

  • became involved in the tire business in 1997
  • trained at a Goodyear factory in many aspects of tire construction, design and uses
  • certified inspector and authorized adjuster of warranty claims
  • recognized as a national leader in Customer Service Quality

Since I had long been a computer hobbyist and fascinated by the internet it was probably inevitable that these things would combine into the web site which you see as Tire-Information-World.com.

The site began as an attempt to provide you with a straight-talking, independent source of reliable information about all aspects of tires. This is still the most important function of this site, but it has since evolved far beyond that, opening up new vistas in the world of tires that I never imagined existed.

Although it may sound immodest, I don't think it is any exaggeration to claim that we have the internet's largest collection of tire humor and jokes. This was completely unforseen when the site began.

Another surprising area which I expect to grow to considerable size is the area I call Tire Tracks, which is a growing collection of photos and images which are based on, or involve tires -- but are not what we normally think of when we talk about tires.  If you're interested in a delightful surprise, please check it out.

The site was started in mid 2004 and has been run ever since using a system known as Site Build It! Click here for more details and Information.

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