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Hello -- It's TireChek time again
June 05, 2016

Time To Check Your Tires

Once again it's time for your monthly tire check.

Let's get on with your Tire Chek for June.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to look after your vehicle like a professional? Are you aware that professional drivers check their tires AT LEAST once every day? Once you form the habit of doing it, it only takes a few seconds and you could do it easily every time you are going to drive.

One way to do this is to form a habit of walking completely around your vehicle before you enter it and pay particular attention to your tires. As you move around it, make a visual inspection, keeping yourself alert for anything which is unusual, out of the ordinary. At first, you may not know what is worth noting and what is not, but as you get used to doing it, it will become almost second nature.

Have you had them balanced recently? An unbalanced tire can wear unevenly and cause a tire to wear out prematurely.

Take note of the tire's wear. Mare sure it is even across the tire. The first sign of serious mechanical problems in many cases can be seen in uneven wear in the tires. Pay special attention if one side is more worn than the other: you may need to have your wheels aligned. If wheels are badly aligned you can wear out a brand new tire in just one road trip of a few hundred miles!

As a quick review here are the steps in the process to inspect your tires.:

6 point Basic Tire Check

Check #1. Depth of tread.

•   If the grooves in your tire are almost gone, your tires may need to be replaced.

Check #2. Check the side walls.

•   Watch for cracks or cuts.

Check #3. Check the tires' pressure.

•  A good tire gauge is essential for this.

Check #4. Valve caps

•  Are all valve caps present?

Check #5. Are you balanced?

•   If you note any vibration when driving the problem may be balancing.

Check #6. Check your spare tire

For more details on these and other checks, follow the links to: Alignment


Car maintenance


Are you rotating your tires as often as you should? By rotating your tires you can get as much as 20% extra tire wear from one set of tires.

Your tire experience

Have you had any interesting or surprising discovery since you've started checking your tires? Why not share your experience with others and tell them what happened. And, if you have it available, send us a picture,too. It may help someone else in ways you might not even imagine. Tire Rants

Have you considered sharing your tire experience with others? No one else has an experience exactly like yours. Why not share your story with others and help create a true picture of how tires perform for everyone.

For a step-by-step guide to help you prepare a tire review just like a pro, see our Tire Review Wizard. Answer a few questions like we were chatting on the phone and, voila!, out pops your own tire review.

Give it a try!

Take part in spreading the word about tire checking. Apart from checking your own tires, pay it forward. Either forward this email to a friend or a loved one, or just tell someone about the idea of doing a check on their tires. Who knows, your simple gesture might be all that it takes to, at least, save that person an annoying flat tire at an inconvenient moment, but it could even save their life. If you treasure your friends and family, please spread the word.

(If you have received this email because someone has forwarded it to you, and you'd like to receive your own monthly reminder to check your tires, please use this link and look for the Tire Chek enrolment box at the bottom of the left side column.)

Til next month,

Happy travelling.


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