The Extremes of 4x4 Mud Tires

TIRE GUYWant to know about 4x4 mud tires?

Mud bogging, mud racing and just mud in general is big business for the world of 4x4. Mud tires make the truck, so people are passionate about the rubber they mount on their light trucks and SUV’s.

Some of the 4x4 mud events being arranged these days are huge. The hot trucks, thick mud, rowdy crowd and cute girls make the entertainment something really special. Each to their own, of course. Mud sports might not be your scene, perhaps you’re more of a collector of insects or a restorer of rare, antique spectacles.

Many of these mud sport events allow camping, so a lot of families make a whole weekend of it. Not only is there mud bogging, but rock crawling, trail riding and a mixture of other entertainment. Mixed together with food, beverages and maybe even a few souvenirs and merchandise, it’s no wonder these events are gaining popularity. At night, you can bet your house there’s a bon fire as everybody soaks up the atmosphere and tell a few stories.


Some of these lunatics, um people, take their trucks to extremes during the events. You’ll see vehicles up to their wheel arches in mud and water, taking modern machine to limits and loving every minute of it. In fact, the only people who love it more are the howling crowd as they scream various forms of praise.

Rock Crawling

Rock crawlers can get pretty serious about their sport, too. They need a serious set of 4x4 mud tires to climb all the challenging surfaces they encounter. In fact, for best results competitors look for tall, oversize, knobbly 4x4 mud tires and pressure them down.

Lift kits are a necessity to lift your chassis and increase suspension flex. Although, depending on how serious you want to be about it, serious rock crawlers even have special fabricated suspension systems built for their rides. Doing this starts to put you in the domain of full-time off road use and some enthusiasts even obtain sponsorship to finance their passion for the sport.

Some other custom fittings for rock crawling include locking differentials, four wheel steering, roll cages, winches, body armour (that’s for the vehicle, not the driver) and bead locks. Bead locks stop the tire from coming away from the rim when pressured down.

Mud and Snow Tires

The Rubber Manufacturers Association has guidelines for mud and snow tires. These tires are simply marked with either MS, M+S, M/S or M&S. An additional standard, Severe Snow Use, means that the tires have undergone testing to prove they perform better than the standard reference tire.



You will find that there are many types of mud tires and you need to consult with your dealer about your needs. Some mud tires will give reasonable results when driven of roads, but all will give off more noise than all terrain or street tires.

In addition, mud tires wear faster than street tires when driven on normal roads, so expect to spend a little bit more on tires over the long term. 


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