4 wheeler tires

When you're talking 4 wheeler tires, you could be talking many things. From a basic quad to a mighty mud machine, or a just street rig that occasionally has to get through some rough terrain...

You need to decide what sort of terrain you're going to be using your 4 wheeler tires on. Maybe you'll need to make some concessions. Maybe you'll buy yourself a couple of sets of wheels and tires so you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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Start looking at tackling serious terrain in your everyday vehicle like mud, sand or rock and you're starting to look at a serious suspension upgrade. It could be a can of worms if you get too serious.

Time to get a quad?

Or, it could be time to get yourself a quad or ATV.

The market for 4 wheeler tires is enormous, there are mud tires, race tires, trail tires for dirt riding or purpose built sand tires. Most lines are designed for quads and full sized vehicles. Somewhere in there you'll find gear for dune buggies and other purpose built offroaders.

Remember to Check Your Tires Regularly

Check your tires for unusual wear patterns and check your tire pressures. Low tire pressures are ideal for mud and sand but if you use your tires on sealed surfaces or trails with low pressures, they will generate more heat and wear a lot faster.

If your tires are wearing unevenly it could be a sign of incorrect inflation pressure or suspension problems. For example, over-inflated tires will tend to wear out the centre of the tread.

Pressure gauges are commonly available at supermarkets and auto parts stores and are a good investment. They're a must for any basic tool kit and the few bucks you spend on one will return its investment ten fold with money saved on new tires.

Keeping It Clean Inside And Out

Some people think it's a great look when you have mud hanging off your vehicle and develop a certain amount of pride from it. True, when tackling a serious swamp or track a vehicle will get dirty, but if you don't clean the mud off you'd be surprised how it can effect your plaything.

This is where access to a good ramp is ideal because in most cases, whatever filth you see on the car or quad body is twice as bad underneath.

When mud dries it goes hard like rock, if it's clogged up around things like drive shafts and brake systems or suspension it can jam or wreck the components. That means paying money to someone to fix it. So wash under your machine regularly.

Oil changes and basic maintenance is something else to consider. If you're using your machine in dust or sand constantly you might want to consider servicing it more than the recommended periods. Same thing applies if you're revving your machine hard.

Look after your 4 wheeler and it will give you long and loyal service.  And... by the way if you've got a nice photo of your fav. quad, why not share it with us?  Go to Tires Show-off... we'd love to see it!


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