2013 Prius V Toyo Proxes A20 Inside Sidewall Crack

2013 Prius V Toyo Proxes A20 Inside Sidewall Crack

by Tom
(Fremont, CA)

Crack Inside Sidewall Toyo Proxes A20

Crack Inside Sidewall Toyo Proxes A20

I have a 2013 Prius V with 43K. Granted the tires are wearing down and are probably ready for a new set in a 5K or so based on the remaining thread.

However I was under the car are about to change the oil and was shocked to see the inside side wall crack on all 4 tires.

When under normal car load, the tires have a 6in long or more crack in multiple locations on all 4 tires.

I've attached a picture. This is typical on all 4 tires. I know I'm not going to get much covered under warranty, but this seems to be a clear manufacturers defect. It makes me concerned because I don't know how long I've been driving my family with tires like this.

There has been on recall and I don't see many complaints based on my search. Seems like the manufacturer needs to be made aware and held accountable.

Sidewall Cracks

Thank you for the photo, it helps all of us appreciate what you are talking about.

To begin it is important to note that it is impossible to fairly analyze a tire defect from a photograph. To get any possible consideration for your tires you will likely have to give your tires to a dealer or authorized inspection facility.

The fact that these tires have been in use for a considerable length of time creates two obstacles in getting any satisfaction for a claim for a manufacturing defect. First, is the fact that virtually any defect in a tire's manufacture normally becomes evident within a very short time after they are put into use. Any defect which appears after the tire has been used for awhile is almost always a result of the conditions under which it was used or something that has happened to it after it was put into use.

The second aspect to keep in mind is that if a manufacturer provides a warranty for a certain number of miles (or kilometers) and your tire's useful tread is almost used up the compensation is generally based on how much tread life remains in that tire. That is to say, for example, that if you have already used up 90% of the useful tread, you would be compensated only for the 10% that is "lost" because the defect makes the tire unusable.

With those two points in mind, I would like to tell you that from my experience in adjusting warranty claims, that they kind of problem I see with the sidewall cracks is usually the result of the tires being used for a period of time with a too low tire pressure. It doesn't necessarily have to be a long time, but once the damage is done it can't be undone, so if there was some time that you weren't even aware of it when your car was driven with a too-low tire pressure, these cracks could have been produced.

With these thoughts in mind, I would still encourage you to take your tires to an authorized Toyo dealer, or contact the company to learn their requirements to make a claim and see what you might be able to get from this. After all, if you don't try you'll get nothing.

I'm sure that if there is a genuine defect in the tire that the company will make you a fair offer, and even if this condition has been brought about through the use the company may still give you a break to keep you as a customer as long as you approach them in a reasonable manner.

If you do pursue this further, we'd be happy to hear a report of what you did and the results which you obtained.


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22k and same crack/separation on my Prius v
by: Anonymous

I have 22k miles on my 2013 Prius v and noticed separation of the tire on the outside walls. This is clearly a manufacturer defect and I will file a claim.

Editorial Comment:

I highly encourage you to submit a claim, and I understand that separation of the tread does seem to be a defect which you would expect to result from a manufacturing deficiency, however, unless you are experienced in tire inspection don't be too eager to jump to that conclusion.

To start with you will likely have to present your tire to an inspector, or leave it where it can be delivered to one. Only after they have analyzed your tire will they be in a position to decide what could have caused the defect. Very often, in doing this a tire will be cut open to examine the inside and this may render the tire completely unusable. What this means is that if you claim is denied your tire may not be of any value for anything ... not even a spare to use in emergency situations or some other case.

What you should be prepared to hear is that there might have been some other cause for the defect you are hoping they will agree is a defect in its fabrication and that they will compensate you for this loss.

I have the greatest faith in the integrity of tire company's inspections ... I have not heard of any tire company just denying responsibility to get off not responding to claims.
In fact, it has been my experience that they will quite often give the benefit of any doubt to their customer if they happen to be a loyal customer and they hope to keep their business by making such a concession.

For this reason, I highly encourage you to be very calm and even-tempered when you present your tire for a claim: you could wind up getting some discount or benefit that you might be denied if you are too accusatory.


Thanks for Answer
by: Tom

Thanks for your thoughtful answer. I could see how low tire pressure might cause the damage. That said I don't recall a time they had seriously low pressure. I check the pressure semi regularly and the car has been serviced by the dealer. I know one tire had a screw in it a few month ago, but the cracks are on all 4 tires.

I'm not expecting anything from the manufacture, but wanted to get my experience out there for others. Thanks for providing a forum.

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