2012 Honda Crosstour summer tire replacement

2012 Honda Crosstour summer tire replacement

 2012 Honda Crosstour

2012 Honda Crosstour

I have a 2012 Honda Crosstour V6 AWD - summer tires are 225 60 R18. The car rides pretty high which is nice in the Winter but I would like to lower it a bit in summer by perhaps going to a 225 55 R18 tire. I know it isn't a lot but it would help. Will this hurt the AWD in any way or should I just live with the originals?

Editorial Comment:

The big issue with the 2012 Honda Crosstour, or any other 4x4 vehicle is the fact that you need to keep the same tire diameter on all 4 wheels to avoid causing any damages to the drive train.

So if you are planning to change all 4 tires to the 225/55 size instead of the higher 225/60's you will not be violating that rule, but you should consider what is happening with your spare tire. Ideally you should have a spare which is compatible with the rest of the tires that are on the vehicle.

You didn't really explain why you want to make this switch.

If it is purely for appearances sake and you want a slightly lower profile look, you might consider a 235/55 tire, which is even closer in size to your original and would have less of an impact on your speedometer reading and increase in fuel consumption which comes from using a smaller tire. In fact a 245/55 would be an even better swap because the difference is practically non-existent.


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by: Dil

Thanks for all the advice. I think I will stick to the originals that came on the car after reading everything. Probably the wisest choice seeing as the car is new and under warranty for the next 4 years. Thanks guys.

Your 4WD
by: Wheels Etc

You were told it is imperative that you maintain the size on all 4 positions of any 4WD and in the past you could increase or decrease the size providing all 4 tires matched. In today's world I suggest you check with Honda about the computer programs that automatically engage the 4WD. I am concerned about the actual rolling diameter of the original tire having an effect on the shift points as well as the incidence of engagement. If this is not an issue with Honda engineers then the size you choose will have only few consequences. You can easily adjust to the limited effect the size has on fuel mileage and speedometer readings.
I am interested as well to know why you would choose a smaller size for summer use and then make only a very small adjustment? If you want to be closer to the ground you have a number of choices that will most likely fit and lower the car at the same time. I suggest you consider slightly wider and lower at the same time with 50 or 45 series tires that will continue to give you good handling characteristics along with lowering the center of gravity. Check the maximum width acceptable on your wheels. It could be as much as 245/45 for example.

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