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Great for the price! But when worn down over halfway between new and bald the rubber is too soft. I have had 4 Flat tires in a little over a month! From

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Douglas Xtra-Trac and Douglas All Season

The first time I dealt with Douglas tires was in 2007. I had a pair of Douglas A.W. tires put on my car. They were considerably better than the tires they

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Wild Country RTV MT

I had a Wild Country MT 35 as a spare. When I had a bead leak in my MT MTZ I put the spare on for the rest of the day. The Wild Country self cleaned mud

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Douglas All Season P195/55/R14

Update to the manufacturer - I was in the Walmart, Creighton Road, Pensacola, FL and snapped a picture of the display tire ed. pictures not submitted,

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Taller and Wider

Toyota Sienna 2004-2010 has 2 types of OEM wheel size: 1. 215/65R16 with Rim size 16x6.5 offset 50mm 2. 225/60R17 with Rim size 17x6.5 offset 45mm I

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Hercules Terra Trac AT-II

I purchased a 2002 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 Off-Road in 2017 which came with Toyo Open Country AT tires. They howled when driven on paved roads and tended

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Tire fitment

I have a 2013 toyota camry se, stock tires 215/55-17. I just bought 18x8 rims. I want to know what's the best tire fitment that will not rub. I think I

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Another Tire size change question

I have an AWD crossover that is equipped with 215-55-18 tires. Is it unsafe or inadvisable (or even incapable) to change both rears to 245-60-18 tires?

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tire upsized

I have an old BMW 540i with 235/45x17 tires on 8J wheels. I'm considering a purchase of a set of winter tires at a very good price but they are 225/60x17.

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Metzeler Lazertec and Metronic

I bought a jewel 1985 Zuki GS550E with only 11,500 original miles, it comes mounted with front tires Mezteler M33A Lasertc and MA55 Metronic in rear, I

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